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  • Spring into Shape Before Summer

    Sugar-free foods and beverages can help with spring and summer weight loss efforts ATLANTA (April 14, 2008) – With the flowers finally in bloom and America’s favorite baseball teams back at bat, spring has officially begun. And that means swimsuit season is just around the corner. To prepare for the return to ... > Read More

  • New Survey Reveals Dieting a Constant Concern

    Majority of Americans Think about Dieting Year-Round; Number of Dieting Attempts on the Rise ATLANTA (February 1, 2008) – For more than 95 million American adults, dieting is a constant concern, reveals a new national survey. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of people trying to control weight think about dieting year-round and ... > Read More

  • Staying Slim Over the Holidays

    Majority of Americans Think about Dieting Year-Round; Number of Dieting Attempts on the Rise ATLANTA (December 18, 2007) – From Halloween candy to champagne toasts on New Years, the holiday season can be less than kind to the waistline. Winter parties and holiday activities are often accompanied by high-calorie treats, and ... > Read More

  • New Study Indicates Cutting Calories With Splenda And Adding 2,000 Steps A Day May Help Kids Lose Weight

    For Immediate Release Contact: Meagan Stangle ATLANTA (October 4, 2007) Small changes in the diet may help prevent excessive weight gain among children. A recent study indicates small changes, such as eliminating 100 calories a day from the diet and adding 2,000 steps of physical activity, may help children ... > Read More

  • “Fall” Into Weight Loss With Sugar-Free Foods and Beverages

    For Immediate Release ATLANTA (August 13, 2007) – With summer drawing rapidly to a close, it’s almost time to raid the closet again in search of fall-appropriate clothing. However, the conclusion of beach weather – and the return to a bulkier wardrobe – should not mean an end to ... > Read More

  • New Study Confirms that Low-Calorie Sweeteners Are Helpful in Weight Control

    Low-Calorie Sweeteners May be One Piece to the Obesity Puzzle ATLANTA (June 27, 2007) A new review of research shows low-calorie sweeteners may be one piece of the puzzle in helping solve the obesity problem. Although not magic bullets, low-calorie sweeteners and the products that contain them can help ... > Read More

  • Simple Substitutions In Spring And Summer Help “Jump Start” Weight Loss

    ATLANTA (May 18, 2006) – With summer around the corner, many people are scrambling to lose weight before bathing suit season arrives. There are hundreds of fad diets promising quick weight loss. Although drinking a special drink or eating only one type of food (or cutting out certain ... > Read More