Sucralose Myth: Safety

Myth: Sucralose was approved following very little testing.

Fact:  More than 100 studies, representing over 20 years of research, have proven sucralose has an excellent safety profile. Experts from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, including government agencies and regulatory authorities, reviewed these studies and concluded there are no harmful effects, even among people consuming the highest amounts of sucralose. Worldwide, sucralose is approved for use in foods and beverages, without the need for any special warning labels or health information statements. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which approved sucralose for certain food and beverage categories in 1998, data was studied “from more than 110 studies in humans and animals. Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects including carcinogenic, reproductive and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA’s approval is based on the finding that sucralose is safe for human consumption.”

Examples of other government and scientific groups that have reviewed any toxicity concerns and confirmed sucralose’s safety include:

  • European Union Scientific Committee on Food (SCF)
  • Food Standards Australia/New Zealand (FSANZ)
  • Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada
  • Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA)
  • Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare

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